Company History

history-iconShahsons (Private) Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of quality writing instruments since 1953. The company was established by Mr. Shah Saeed, grandfather of the current Managing Director, Mr. Shehzad Shah. It is the pioneer and the Largest Manufacturer of Pencils and has the widest range of ball point pens in Pakistan.

Shahsons has earned a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing quality writing instruments, making pencils and ballpoint pens that have fulfilled the requirements of different consumer preferences. We regularly introduce new products and have established two market-leading brands ‘Goldfish’ and ‘Picasso’ The product range has been expanded to include manufacturing of crayons, watercolors, sharpeners and gel pens as well. Our products are produced to the highest possible quality standards using only the best raw materials and manufacturing systems. The enterprising spirit of the company and the increasing direct investment in machinery, installations, logistic systems, quality control and design have proven to be a huge boost to the company’s performance. Our product range facilitates all age groups with colour pencils & crayons for children and quality graphite pencils and ballpoint pens for students & professionals.

We are proud to have carried Pakistan’s name as one of the countries manufacturing quality writing instruments. The fundamental goal has always been to make products that people will regularly use, depend on and enjoy.